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I feel such great relief when working with Lindsey. She's playful and committed and has a beautiful way of balancing both energies and channeling them into guidance and transformation.
Integrative Wellness Coach
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The sessions that we had were absolutely transformational for me and life-changing. She creates so much space and such a safe environment and with all the tools and strategies she knows, she is truly a master at what she does.
Entrepreneur and Coach
She really helped me with a perspective shift in my coaching…. That was a game changer for me.
Entrepreneur & Coach
I feel so freakin’ amazing after working with her. She really helped me in a specific area of my life. Really kind of drilling down into this very limiting belief that I had. When Lindsey helped me uncover the roots of this, it felt so freeing to let go of it. She’s so full of integrity and compassion.

Immediately I felt an instant relief and clarity come to surface on those issues, almost as though something in my brain switched [and] had been cleared.

Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach

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Lindsey’s calm, self trusting and direct energy bring about deep trust, openness and authenticity. I can share anything with her because she’s committed to seeing it all within herself which means all of others are safe in her presence. She loves all of herself, therefore, she can love all of others as well.
Sacred Journeys & Consciousness Coach
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Her breakdowns between the mystical and modern methodology are my favorite! I love knowing I have someone in my corner who compares the two to understand how we can work together to create the world we deserve. Lindsey is a master of unearthing the shadows we hide, the ones that need to be seen to be healed.
Then when we are cracked open she holds us with love and safety as we feel it all, realizing we are the ones who can turn on the light.
Empowerment Coach

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