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The point of life is to find our way to the beach and simply enjoy.


I'm Lindsey!
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I help people discover and update their current operating systems so they can take control of their lives, integrate their healing, and claim the limitless power that resides within them.

Let me tell you about me while talking about you.

I catalyze and support people like you who are here for a very important purpose. You're on your personal quest to be the change you wish to see and I'm here to help you unpack what's heavy and optimize within you what allows you to be your best and do the most.


Honesty, Alignment & Integrity with Self first and foremost 

Prioritize self-awareness and carry that relationship with self into all others

Being Open and Curious

Perpetual learning state– accept lessons over feeding ego

Trust and Co-creation

We are all equal and serve to teach one another

Return on Investment

Sustainability & permanent change comes from getting to the root, and taking personal responsibility for our own results

Leaning In

Discomfort is a sign of Growth & Confusion is a state of learning, it's all FOR YOU



  • What exactly do you do and how is it different?
    I go where therapy and coaching do not, because I believe in providing a complete experience. My offerings exist where science and spirituality meet. As a trainer of coaches and subconscious programming practitioners, I noticed that there was a dead end in most of the work being done with clients. Coaches would find limiting beliefs and not know where to go from there (subconscious mind) or they wouldn’t have the authority and training to go into realms of health and therapy. Therapists would provide their patients a safe place to vent, helpful perspective shifts and resources, but ongoing sessions would carry on with no end in sight for the client. So, I went searching all over the world and collected knowledge and skills and created that which I wish had existed. What resulted was Simple, Effective, and Powerful experiences for my clients.
  • Who do you work with?
    I work with CEOs, entrepreneurs, professionals, coaches, yogis, healers, politicians, couples, parents, children, pets, students, and athletes. If there’s someone not on this list, I look forward to adding them! This type of work and way I facilitate is for everyone!
  • What qualifications do you have?
    If certifications and background knowledge are what you’re looking for, here’s a list of some of my areas of study: B.S. degree in Social Sciences/ Anthropology Corporate Sales and Management Multiple Subject Teaching Credential Preferred Facilitator of PSYCH-K® Master and Board Certified Trainer of the following: Neuro Linguistic Programming T.I.M.E Techniques Emotional Freedom Techniques Hypnotherapy Life & Success Coaching Human Design Ho’oponopono/ Huna Tantra: Sex, Love and Relationships Trauma Informed Practitioner Breathwork and Somatic Healing
  • Do you meet online or in person?
    Both, actually! I find that Zoom is such a great way to work with clients because it’s easy to fit appointments in during the day when you can sign in from your computer or cell phone. For those desiring in-person meetings, I have an office in downtown San Luis Obispo, CA
Frequently Asked:

The point of life
is to find our way to the beach and simply enjoy.

The beach is defined by you.

It's the place where you get to have everything you desire and you get to have time for all of the people and causes you love and believe in. 

It's the place where it all just falls into place and you say, "ahhhh, I've made it."

Footprints on Sand
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