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Something is in the way. Something is on repeat. Something is making your subconscious pull the brakes. You want to move past it, understand it, heal.


TIME Release Sessions have been so profound with clients and fellow coaches that I am now offering them a la carte. TIME Release Sessions involve revisting past memories that you have forgotten and collecting what you need to know from them in order to release the anchor that keeps you tied to them. When I facilitate this work I toe the line between mind science and channelled energy and metaphysics-- it's my favorite technique I use with clients.


We all need regular reprogramming and clearing in order to break free of the old ways that keep us where we are. We have trauma that sits under the surface and makes our day to day life take up so much extra energy because we are lugging around the dead weight of limiting beliefs, stuck emotions, and anxiety.


There's nothing wrong with you, your mind is just trying to keep you safe in an outdated fashion. The world we live in now is ready for you to be unafraid and unhindered. In fact, the world needs you to show up that way. As Thomas Jefferson said, "If you want something you've never had, you have to be willing to do something you've never done."


Clients leave these sessions feeling more free, and with clarity and purpose. What would that mean to you, to be free of all the cobwebs?


What you get: a Discovery Call, a 60 minute TIME Release Session, and a 30 minute follow up coaching call and a surprise bonus. Calls are via Zoom.

Start by scheduling a Discovery Call using the link below to find out more and see if a TIME Release is a good fit for you:


TIME Release Session (with follow-up)

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