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I'm a coach. And I hired a coach.

Yesterday I Hired a Coach.

“But wait,” you might say, “I thought you were a coach yourself. Don’t you have it all figured out and that’s why you are a life coach now?”

To which I would humbly answer with this: I don’t have it all figured out. I’m an imperfect human at battle and in love with the human condition. I need just as much support and help as the next person, especially if I intend to authentically learn and practice ways to help people navigate this life.


Why did I get myself a coach? I wanted to be transparent. I wanted to be genuine and tap back into when I felt lit up in “Coach the Coach” sessions during my training. How could I be preaching the benefits of coaching if I weren’t subscribing to it myself? Furthermore, I wanted to find someone who could help me take my business and mindset to the next level.

Coaches are all about increasing performance and satisfaction in our endeavors. Time with them provides space to practice skills and learn new ways to operate, taking us from novice to wherever we want to go. I wanted to set really scary and lofty goals for myself and have someone help me see through my usual pitfalls and veils to make it happen. I want to go to that crazy place where my dreams live and move in with them!

The act of choosing to hire a coach is many things. It is choosing to be humble and admitting you can’t do the great things alone. It is also a gift to oneself with a trickle down effect to friends and family. If you want to have a fulfilling and mind-blowingly (yes that’s a word now) elevated life, you cannot afford to NOT hire a coach. Going it alone will not make dreams happen. Anyone great who has taken things to the next level has had help and coaching.

"Imagine your goals and your final place? What is it worth to you? When you get to the end and achieve those goals will you regret the pricetag?"


Finding a coach is an interesting topic because there are so many life/business/health/fitness/etc. coaches and programs out there. Anyone can say they are a coach/mentor/consultant, right? So how do you choose? Well, first you can find out their credentials: you will want to find out what program they went through and what the tenets of that program are. What kind of background do they have? What have they been doing with this life to gather tools and experiences and do those resonate with you?


Okay so let’s talk money. Someone who may have an emotional attachment to money and its constraints (which is one of the first things I like to help people break away from!) will first balk at the price tag for coaching. It is not inexpensive to hire a coach, and it shouldn’t be. You are paying for the expertise, research, attention, and TIME of another human being, in the same way you know you will pay a doctor, attorney or artist for their efforts and skill because they have paid in some way for their education. They have taken the time in their lives up until this point to hone their craft that you are benefiting from. Why would you try to add value to your life, working with a coach who doesn’t value their own work?

Look at it this way, hiring a coach is an accountability act in itself. The monetary trade means you want to make sure you get as much out if it as you can— you’ve got skin in the game, an investment in your personal evolution. Provided your coach is the right match for you (or has the resources to learn how to help you better), the benefits will outweigh the cost. Knowing you have a coaching bill to pay pushes you beyond the “barely maintaining” and “skin of my teeth” mentality that keeps people stuck in their lot. Imagine your goals and your final place? What is it worth to you? When you get to the end and achieve those goals will you regret the pricetag?

That being said, if I told you what I am paying my coach, you would probably choke on your kombucha. I was relieved it wasn’t more, to be honest. My husband, who has been in the coaching world longer than I have, said something along the lines of, “wow, that’s a great deal for what you’re getting!” As a coach myself and knowing all the work and time it takes to be able to read people and choose tools and conversation to help them elevate their lives and thinking, it’s a steal. I’ve also reached for a more well-known person with many years of experience and direct knowledge of the coursework I have taken, so I know that comes with a bigger value and price tag. Best of all, I know that my coach has my back and is available to me whenever I need to text or email. We have scheduled calls each month and more as needed but really I’ve hired an accountability and mindset partner for my personal journey and a guide for my coaching/writing/speaking business. I have invested in something I KNOW will pay out, whether it be monetary, opportunity, intrinsic, or something else. I am reminded that my hustle, personal growth, and work to help others will translate to filling all of my other needs, monetary and not. As James Altucher says in his book, Choose Yourself!, “become a beacon of enhancement, and then when the night is gray, all of the boats will move toward you, bringing their bountiful riches.”

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