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VIP Day Retreat

Update your operating system and guarantee your next quantum leap.

Break through limitations and change your life from the roots of your beliefs. 

With a day dedicated just to YOU, you will experience the breakthrough of discovering just how powerful you really are.

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Take Time for YOU

Sometimes we just need a jump start to make a shift in our lives, and other times we are seeking to check out from everyday life and create some dedicated space and time for healing and being. 


If time is tight and you’re finding it challenging to work with a facilitator, therapist, or coach regularly, this is a great way to fast-track yourself to the next level as well as install helpful programs so that you can find more balance in your life moving forward.

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Our deepest change and integration happens at the subconscious level, and this experience is designed to cut straight to any and all programs in the way of what you desire and change them in real time.


With your participation and willingness to be open and curious, you are GUARANTEED personal shifts and an entirely new outlook on life

What You'll Be Doing:


~Gaining awareness of your subconscious programs and how to change them~


~Integrating past therapy and healing into actual change that will be evidenced in your life~


~Energy Balancing~


~Healing the Roots of Trauma~


~Removing and Changing:~

limiting beliefs

relationship challenges

chronic health problems

fear and trauma

stress and anxiety



This is for you if...

  • You feel yourself on the threshold of a new chapter, but feel "stuck."


  • You recognize you have some repeating patterns and you want to break through the limitations they cause you.

  • You have a specific goal or area in life you want to work on that has felt like a blind spot to you.


  • You are ready to LEAP!

The Details:

This mini-retreat experience is a block of 5 hours dedicated to you and your goals. 

Virtually via Zoom or In-person in San Luis Obispo County, CA.




~5 hour Retreat~

90 minute Post-Meeting the following day

2 weeks of support for integration

Check-in Session after 1 month 

Curated refreshments and gifts to support and delight you


Optimal Health and Wellbeing Balance 

Discover and change the subconscious beliefs that may be blocking your achievement of optimal health of mind, body, and spirit

Sample Topics:


Health and Wellbeing

Business and Career Growth

Holistic Personal Healing 

… you’re in the driver’s seat and it’s all about you!!


For the In-Person option, I can provide a list of lodging options for you to treat yourself to in the area, and here are a few of my faves!

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Hotel SLO

Screen Shot 2022-11-08 at 5.56.36 PM.png

The Cliffs

Screen Shot 2022-11-08 at 6.01.41 PM.png

Dolphin Bay


Starts at $2500

That day was the first day of the rest of my life


My vision is coming to life and I am not letting anything stop me from achieving more


I've totally shifted my focus... and I feel back in flow


I have felt shifts, a new confidence, the sense that more is possible AND probable for me


What Clients are Saying...
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